Top 10 Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go And How To Find Them




There have been a lot of rumors and speculation surrounding the five legendary Pokémon. It has been reported that some players have, in fact, seen and even captured one or two of these uber-rare creatures, but these rumors have been quickly shot down. As it stands right now, Articuno, Moltres, Zapdos, Mew, and Mewtwo are not yet available in Pokémon Go.

The leading rumor at this point in time is that these five legendary Pokémon will be obtainable through community events – as seen with Mewtwo in the original Pokémon Go trailer. One player has stated that the coding for these legendaries is, in fact, in the game, but they have yet to release these “so called” event matches to the public as they will likely be available in later updates.

There are still a lot of questions surrounding these five Pokémon, but with all of the hype radiating from this game, we would not be surprised to hear some sort of news concerning these legendary beasts in the near future.