Top 10 Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go And How To Find Them




Much like Tauros, Kangaskhan is a Pokémon that is rumored to be region specific. Unlike Tauros, however, the rumored region is Australia, which is great for all of those Pokémon fans down under, but fairly unfortunate for players living on one of the other six continents.

Kangaskhan has been an absolute beast in the world of competitive Pokémon video games, and to coincide with character’s popularity, it is extremely hard to find within Pokémon Go. Again, like Tauros, even for Pokémon trainers out in Austraila, Kangaskhan is not a creature that comes along all that often. It is still an extremely rare Pokémon, which many experienced players have yet to add to their respective Pokédex.

Additionally, Kangaskhan can be hatched in a 5km egg, but good luck; there is quite a large number of Pokémon that could emerge from the aforementioned 5km egg.