Top 10 Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go And How To Find Them


This sleepy giant reigns as one of the game’s most popular characters (outside of the three starters, Pikachu, and a small handful of other iconic characters), and much like a number of the franchise’s most popular Pokémon from the first generation, Snorlax is extremely rare in Pokémon Go.



If there is a theme to this list, it is probably egg hatching, and that is no different with Snorlax. Perhaps the easiest way (“easy” being a relative term) to add Snorlax to your Pokédex is by hatching it in a – you guessed it – 10 km egg. 10km eggs might be tough to come by and may take a while to hatch, but if rare Pokémon is what you are after, then that is arguably the best way to do it.

Pokémon Go is all about going out into the real world and walking around, and the egg gameplay mechanic is probably the best example of that. There are certainly a few ways in which a handful of users have discovered in order to cheat the walking system, but walking is honestly the best way to catch new Pokémon. Not only does it help eggs to hatch, but there is always a chance of running into a rare and powerful creature while on the move rather than on the couch at home.