Top 10 Rarest Pokémon In Pokémon Go And How To Find Them


North American players may feel as though Tauros is not deserving of being on this list – although still fairly rare even among trainers stateside – but that may only apply to trainers in the North America It is rumored that certain Pokémon are only attainable (in the wild) in select regions across the world.



For example, Tauros is a Pokémon that is (rumored to be) only available for players in North America. There are, however, other Pokémon that are speculated to only be available in other regions of the world: Australia, Japan, and Europe for example.

This is not to say, however, that these creatures cannot be obtained by trainers in other countries, as these Pokémon can all still be added to players respective Pokedex’s via the egg hatching system. Unlike some of the other rare Pokémon in the game, Tauros’ are only obtainable through the game’s second tier egg, the 5km egg.

As stated before, the 10 km variety of eggs are the ones in which the most uncommon Pokémon (generally) are hatched (in addition to Eevee for some reason), but the 5km egg can potentially hatch a much larger number of Pokémon, making it even less likely that the creature being hatched is, in fact, a Tauros.

Still, for Pokémon Go players Stateside, Tauros might be a far easier find, but for those with the app in other countries, the raging, two-tailed bull is certainly much harder to come by.